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The world market of oil products is like a living organism.

We invest in energy assets and companies to ensure safe business practices and accelerate logistics. We build oil terminals and storage facilities where we maximize our assets, optimizing productivity and realizing value.
The new technological oil terminal RISE OIL TERMINAL in the city of Karshi of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the first terminal network facility commissioned by the company in 2023.

The oil terminal provides a high-tech process for receiving petroleum products (diesel fuel, motor spirits, construction bitumen, FFO) arriving by rail, storage in a tank farm, and shipment by road and in tank wagons.
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Strict quality control of oil products
More than 5,000 tons of oil products are always in stock
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Own a fleet of tank trucks
Advantages of the terminal
Strategic alliances with carefully selected Partners expand the scope of our activities. Financial partners invest in the best businesses with us. Industrial partners bring additional skills and resources.

We aspire to be closer to the customer and two steps ahead of the competitors, regardless of location and time zone. To offer oil products at terminals where our customers can conveniently and efficiently solve their tasks and benefit from this opportunity.

By planning projects for the creation and development of terminals and warehouses in Central and South-East Asia, and Eastern Europe, we provide secure trading solutions that optimize the commercial capabilities of our partners.
Our terminals
The Rise Oil Terminal in Karshi, Uzbekistan, is the first facility of the terminal network, which the
RISE OIL GROUP started to build in 2021.

We are proud of our willingness to meet the needs for light petroleum products and modern bitumen materials for users of the Southern regions of Uzbekistan.

We strive to provide our customers with the most modern and comfortable conditions for working with oil products. We also guarantee the quality of service and prompt order processing. The terminal is a key element in ensuring the stability of supplies throughout the country, and contributing to improve the quality of life.

The global mission of Rise Oil Group in the Republic of Uzbekistan is to attract foreign investment to develop the country's oil and gas sector, create new jobs and increase the level of economic activity.
The development of local personnel and technologies contributes to the transfer of knowledge to Uzbekistan supporting the country on the path to technological development.


The oil terminal has sufficient infrastructure for the transshipment of 84,000 tons of oil products annually and one-time storage of up to 7,000 tons of finished products.

We have containers for light petroleum products with a capacity of 5,000 tons and containers for dark oil products with a capacity of 2,000 tons.
It allows efficient storage and processing of various types of oil products depending on their properties and requirements.

The development of an oil terminal in the Republic of Uzbekistan contributes to reducing the cost of energy resources for residents of the country.


The terminal is provided with a modern automated infrastructure for the discharge and fill of oil products. We have a station for draining oil products from wagons, to quickly and efficiently pump petroleum products from railway wagons into containers.

We also have an automated filling station for motor vehicles on the territory of the terminal, where you can fill up to 2000 tons of petroleum products per day.

Automatic scales are installed on the oil terminal allowing vehicles to weigh vehicles up to 100 tons.

To ensure the timely delivery of petroleum products, we have our own fleet. This allows us to flexibly organize transportation and ensure high speed of order fulfillment.

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