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Motor gasoline
Motor fuel is a flammable mixture of light hydrocarbons with a boiling point from +33 to +205 ° C, which depends on impurities. The mixture is characterized by a density of 0.71..0.76 g/cm3 and a calorific value of about 10,600 kcal/kg or 32 MJ/l). The freezing point of the mixture can reach -60 °C -70 °C.
100 RON (Super)

High-octane fuel manufactured for high-powered direct injection engines. It is suitable for engines in which the use of fuel with an octane rating of more than 95 is provided. The use of AI-100-K5 gasoline helps to increase acceleration dynamics and engine power, and reduce vibration and noise levels during vehicle operation.

98 RON (Premium)

The fuel of the highest quality with a maximum octane rating, used in cars with high compression engines and on sports engines equipped with turbocharging.

95 RON (Regular)

One of the most common types of gasoline in Russia belongs to premium brands with improved characteristics, suitable for modern cars with compression-ignition engines.

92 RON (Normal)

The fuel of this brand accounts for about 60% of the entire global market and is optimally suited for carburetor engines in terms of cost and quality.

80 RON

Fuel intended for trucks, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, compressors, and electric generators.

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