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Values and culture
We, free individuals, sharing common values and principles, are employees of the RISE OIL GROUP company with the aim of creating a prosperous, sustainable, and growing company, allowing us all to realize personal ambitions, aspirations and professional growth needs.
Our values
  1. RISE OIL GROUP values teamwork aimed at achieving the best result stands for an understanding of goals and effective coordination of activities.
  2. We appreciate the involvement of the team in the common cause and commitment to succeed.
  3. We consider very important to form a sense of commitment among the staff to what is happening in the company, to treat the company's property as own.
  4. We appreciate mutual assistance and replace ability.
  5. We appreciate the dedication/loyalty of the company and the engagement of group values.
I. Team working style
  1. RISE OIL GROUP respects the personality of each employee.
  2. Recognizes the right to a personal reasoned opinion and freedom of discussion.
  3. Recognizes the right to development and personal growth.
  4. Tolerant of human personality, but does not encourage behavior that can be considered offensive and unacceptable by most people.
II. Personality
  1. The company values effective and open communication (information exchange, interaction, mutual understanding) both between employees of the company and with partners/ clients.
  2. Appreciates the friendliness, openness, and decency of relationships that replenish the "emotional bank account" of each employee.
III. Trust/Relationships
  1. Honesty: behavior based on fairness and integrity.
  2. Fairness: objectiveness that requires open views, tolerance and acceptance of other points of view.
  3. Objectiveness: a judgment based not on personal preferences but on an established set of criteria.
  4. Responsibility: fulfilling what is promised in full and on time; understanding that everyone has obligations towards themselves, the company, and society and is responsible for their actions and their consequences.
Ethical principles
Our standards

An employee of the company must:

  1. Maintain an appropriate level of professional knowledge through continuous training and skill development.
  2. Perform professional duties in compliance with laws and technical standards.
  3. Accurately, clearly, concisely and in a timely manner provide information and recommendations necessary for decision-making.
I. Competence
An employee of the company must:
  1. Keep confidential information, except when permitted by an authorized person.
  2. Inform all relevant parties about the proper use of confidential information; monitor the activities of subordinates to ensure confidentiality.
  3. Do not use confidential information to gain an unethical or illegal advantage.
II. Confidentiality
An employee of the company must:
  1. Reduce the level of conflicts of interest, communicate regularly with business partners to avoid misunderstandings; be attentive to potential conflict factors and help all parties with advice on their elimination.
  2. Refrain from any behavior that may interfere with the ethical performance of duties.
  3. Refrain from participating in or supporting any actions that may discredit the company.
III. Integrity
An employee of the company must carry out:
  1. Actions aimed at achieving the best result in the most optimal way with a long-term positive effect.
  2. Effective implementation of the abilities, capabilities and knowledge of both their own and their subordinates.
IV. Performance
An employee of the company must:
  1. To convey information fairly and objectively.
  2. Disclose all necessary information that may affect the understanding of reports, business intelligence, or recommendations provided to users.
  3. Disclose delays or deficiencies in the provision of information, timeliness, processing and internal control in accordance with company policy.
V. Reliability
Management principles
I. Focus on actions. Do something to change the situation, don't get stuck in analysis and discussions.

  1. Experiments and creativity are welcome;
  2. Mistakes are the most valuable experience, the fear of failure should not lead to stagnation and lack of initiative;

II. Connection with a partner, client, or employee. Constantly study customer preferences to always give people what they need.

  1. Emphasis on product quality, reliability and service level;
  2. Only caring people occupy key positions;
  3. Understanding the client's desires and expectations;

III. Autonomy and enterprise. Divide the company into small firms/groups/teams, let them act independently and compete with each other.

  1. Champions (enthusiastic volunteers) have a high probability of project success;
  2. Продуктовый чемпион – Руководитель чемпион – Крестный отец;
  3. Субоптимальные подразделения, внутренняя конкуренция;

IV. People are the basis of efficiency. Make sure that all employees understand that their efforts are very important to the company, and it will reward them for their efforts.

  1. Respect for the individual;
  2. Information availability and comparison;

V. Local management, value-orientation thinking. Top management should clearly understand the company's core business (think globally — act locally).

  1. Common approaches and views of the team;
  2. Clarity and implementation of the value system;

VI. Loyalty to vocation. Doing the business you know best.

  1. Diversification of activities around the core direction;
  2. Development of new directions through cooperation with a competent and reliable partner;

VII. Simple structure, minimum staff. Strive for a minimum of management levels and a small management team. The middle management plays a minor role and performs more of a bureaucratic function.

VIII. A combination of flexibility and steeliness. Combining commitment to corporate values with tolerance for every employee who shares these values, effective, ethical and professional staff have the right to the versatility of each individual.

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