Oil products
Technical kerosene
Technical kerosene is an oil product produced by secondary
oil refining and rectification of oil. Technical kerosene is used in the production of ethylene and propylene and has an oily and transparent texture.
Content of impurities
Kerosene extracted from natural oil can contain up to 30% aromatic hydrocarbon compounds and up to 1.5% sulfur, while technical kerosene is characterized by a reduced content of these impurities.

In order to achieve the concentration of impurities required for technical kerosene, namely 7% aromatic hydrocarbons and up to several tenths of a percent of sulfur, the initial kerosene is subjected to deep hydrogenation or special purification based on the use of hydrogen-containing substances.
Types of technical kerosene


Technical kerosene

Technical kerosene
Transportation and storage requirements
Kerosene has been assigned the 4th hazard class, which must be taken into account when organizing storage and transportation. Kerosene is transported in tanks on fuel trucks.

The driver must have a document confirming his right to transport dangerous goods — an ADR certificate.

Kerosene should be stored in a tightly closed container. It should be away from direct sunlight, heating elements, and an open fire. RISE OIL GROUP carries out the transportation of technical kerosene according to the rules of transportation of dangerous goods.
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