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How we work
The basis of the company's success is our employees. Our team is cohesive and professional, the indicators are growing, and the company is moving towards a leader in global trading.

Our priority is to fulfill obligations on time and in full.
Logistics Department
Effective logistics system
The effective system of purchase and sale, logistics and storage, assuming the location of manufacturing plants, terminals, and ports, ensures prompt delivery and optimizes transportation costs for our partners reflected in the low cost of products and the speed of deliveries.

The Logistics Department works closely with the Sales Department to manage the risks and efficiency of supply chains.

We cooperate with refineries and state-owned companies, and we can guarantee the stability and high quality of products and supplies worldwide.
Logistics of petroleum products is very important to plan, control, and optimize the process of transferring goods from the refinery to the consumer.

Logistics, storage, and distribution are three pillars we lean on.
Effective logistics system
The world market of oil products is like a living organism.

We invest in energy assets and companies to ensure safe business practices and accelerate logistics. We build oil terminals and storage facilities to maximize assets, optimize productivity, and fulfill value.
We develop our own terminal network
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