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Road construction bitumen
Bitumen is a solid or resin-like product, a mixture of hydrocarbons and their nitrogenous, oxygenated, sulfurous, and metal-containing derivatives. It is used to produce hot and cold asphalt concrete mixtures, bitumen emulsions, road mastics and other products of the road industry.

BND stands for petroleum road bitumen in Russian. This is a specialized brand designed for the manufacture of road pavements. This type of bitumen has a high softening point, high penetration, and low brittleness temperature. Asphalt is resistant to temperature changes and loads.
  • Road construction bitumen BND 40/60
  • Road construction bitumen BND 60/90
  • Road construction bitumen BND 90/130
  • Road construction bitumen BND 130/200
  • Road construction bitumen BND 200/300
Classification of bitumen materials by grade:
GOST 22245-90
  • Road construction bitumen BND 50/70
  • Road construction bitumen BND 70/100
  • Road construction bitumen BND 100/130
GOST 33133-2014
  • Road construction bitumen BND 50/70
  • Road construction bitumen BND 70/100
  • Road construction bitumen BND 100/130
European standard EN 12591
Technical characteristics of road bitumen
Depending on the above indicators, different brands of viscous road bitumen are used to create road pavement in certain regions.

It depends on the characteristics of how strong and durable the asphalt will be. The experts give the following recommendations:

BND 35/50, BND 40/60, BND 50/70

These types of bitumen are perfect for hot climates where summer temperatures exceed 35 °C. Bitumen 40/60 is resistant to high temperatures and does not lose properties when heated, while frost resistance is limited.

BND 60/90, BND 70/100

These bitumen grades are most suitable for warm climate conditions.

BND 90/130, BND 100/130

They are considered the most versatile types of bitumen, suitable for use in most regions of Russia. It can be used in almost all regions of Russia. A special feature is the possibility of use in road works in the cold season, with an operating temperature of the mixture from -20 to +7 °C.

BND 130/200

Perfect for mild and cold climates.

BND 200/130

Bitumen is recommended for use in areas with harsh winters and low temperatures reaching up to -20 °C, due to its high frost and crack resistance at subzero temperatures.

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