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PG Superpave™ bitumen binders
We pay special attention to the development of new high-tech products for the road industry in the world.
Superpave™ (Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements) — is an innovative method for the development of asphalt concrete compositions, which provides exceptional operational reliability. This method is the result of the Strategic Highway Research Program. Developed in 1992 in the USA with the active cooperation of international specialists, Superpave stands out for its main advantage — a significant increase in the maintenance period of asphalt concrete pavements.

PG Superpave™ has an increased resistance to the following changes:

  • abrasive wear;
  • residual deformations;
  • mechanical damage;
  • fatigue cracking;
  • low-temperature cracking.
Design of asphalt concrete pavements using the Superpave™ method
Superpave™ technology has a rationally selected composition of asphalt concrete mixtures using modern laboratory equipment. The system has been tested in European countries, as well as in the USA, Canada, China, and Saudi Arabia. Another important feature of the Superpave system is using local materials and recycling. Materials from old asphalt concrete pavements are used.

The use of RAP coating and local raw materials reduces costs in two directions:

  • reuse of regenerated coatings;
  • reducing the cost of transporting materials.
Superpave™ technology
  • PG 82–34
  • PG 82-28
  • PG 82-22
  • PG 82-16
  • PG 82-10
  • PG 76-34
PG Superpave™ bitumen binder brands:
Preliminary National Standard (PNS) 85-2016
  • PG 76-28
  • PG 76-22
  • PG 76-16
  • PG 76-10
  • PG 70-40
  • PG 70-34
  • PG 70-28
  • PG 70-22
  • PG 70-16
  • PG 70-10
  • PG 64-34
  • PG 64-28
  • PG 64-22
  • PG 64-16
  • PG 64-10
  • PG 64-40
  • PG 64-22
  • PG 58-40
  • PG 58-28
  • PG 58-22
  • PG 58-16
Scope of application


Racing tracks
60 tons
from 5000 tons
Tank wagons
Sea tanker
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